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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google and Bing “crawl” your site page by page and check information such as content, load time, keywords, usability, universal design, links and much more. In addition, the search engines index your web page based on keywords on the web page. The search engine’s advanced algorithms crawl the content of web pages to try to produce the best possible results for the user which inputted a given search word or term.

Most users will choose from the top search results when we search on google.com or bing.com, at the very least browse pages 2-3, and beyond.


SEO or search engine optimization is a process done on websites and content to be ranked higher by search engines such as Google, the largest search engine. This is done by showing the search engines that the content of your page can solve the problem in the search box.

Working with SEO is important, but a time-consuming investment to keep your website relevant. Companies that invest in SEO and maintain a high rank on Google search results, will pose as a stronger alternative to potential customers.

In addition to improving technical issues on your website, content such as blog posts/news, Google Business, and social media also have a role in how your site is perceived and where you are found. Take a look at what we can offer in digital marketing. 


Fly By Media can provide help with search engine optimization that will increase visibility and help to better rank your website in search results, which in turn will lead to more visits over time. By becoming visible online through keywords on google you also become visible to customers. That is why Google and Bing must be used to their advantage.

Most companies that sell goods or services want to do local SEO, so it is important to apply location specified search engine optimization for your area. If one were to use cheaper SEO services without experience, they would often lack insight into things such as language, sentence structure, and general search terms. Therefore, it can at worst end up being penalized by the search engines.

We conduct an SEO analysis of your website and provide you with an overview of the current situation, competitors, most popular and relevant keywords for potential customers, as well as technical insights for your website. This way, we can find popular keywords for your potential buyers and help you end up higher in Google´s search results.

We can assist you with the production of all content such as images and text, as well as restructuring your website to meet the requirements of the search engines. With offices in Brumunddal, Bergen and Oslo, we can help with search engine optimization in most places. We can also assist you from the start by creating your website or online store. Read more about web design and development here

Contact us today for offers of search engine optimization of online store or website, to better your website’s presence on the web.

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