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You’ve probably heard of digital marketing and that it seems like it’s the most popular way to promote businesses today day. You may also be wondering why your business should be visible on social media, run digital advertising, write blog content, or have a digital strategy?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a collective term for all marketing that takes place on electronic devices. This applies to smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles. Marketing can take place through the use of search engines, social media, email and advertising banners popping up on websites. In other words, the field is quite extensive and time-consuming if you have the goal of achieving good results.

Traditional marketing involves, for example, print, radio, television, and billboards. This method suffers from the inability of the recipient to be able to provide real-time feedback. These channels have been successful for a long time but unfortunately are not as effective anymore. Of course it is possible to succeed with a combination, but being completely absent in digital channels can make it very difficult to succeed “in the long run”. Many companies have inactive profiles or outdated websites, which can in some cases affect the business more negatively than not being present at all.

Why should we have a digital marketing strategy?

Having a digital marketing strategy helps ensure that your business always are in the right places and channels. One of the choices a company faces is which channels they should be present on. It is quickly done here to overdo it, so it is important to choose the channels where your target audience is represented.

Social media for businesses is important to generate interest by potential customers, as well as attract new customers and not least listen to customers feedback about your product or services. Social Media gives your target audience the opportunity to learn more about your business, and those who work there, thereby creating trust, which is the essence of creating new relationships. Companies on social media also have the opportunity to advertise at a lower cost than traditional channels.

We at Fly By Media have long experience in digital marketing. We make sure your business is well looked after and that you spend your budget on effective marketing at all times. We also have the competence to hold marketing courses for company representatives, this helps to create a common understanding of why digital channel presence is important.

Google Ads or social media advertising

Advertising using social media or Google Ads are also something we are well aware of. By targeting ads to the company’s target audience, you can, for example, generate leads for a much lower cost than through traditional channels. An important part of the task is to analyze and correct the ads continuously to ensure the best possible result.

Fly By Media is also responsible for running several companies’ social media profiles. We can be responsible for the production and analysis of content, as well as being an advisory part of your digital strategy.

Here you can see previous videos used in business marketing.

With satisfied customers all over Norway, we are ready to help your company take the step into digital marketing!

Digital markedsføring på mobil

“We don´t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.”

– Erik Qualman

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