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Use Content Marketing to show your product or service

Content marketing is more than a trend in 2020. Possibly this discipline will be the most important in your marketing this year.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is based on digital content production that aims to capture the interest of potential customers without necessarily trying to sell products / services or promote brands. Often the content is only informative and not selling at all.

The content spans from pure text on blogs, photos, videos, information graphics, to social media sharing, among other things. You can thus create a blog for the company or a commercial, but without promoting a message that is necessarily perceived as selling by the consumer.

So the point is to capture the interest of the consumer. Not least, as a result of strategic content marketing, consumers will consider your business as an authority within the product group or service. It is natural to do research when making a purchase decision.

A content marketing agency with great ambition

Fly By Media is a company that works actively with content marketing for our customers. We offer B2B content marketing as well as B2C services. With physical offices offering content marketing in Oslo, Brumunddal and Bergen, as well as nationwide online services, we assist many different companies.

We work actively to create content that attracts attention to your domain. This is how you can make money from traffic that comes to your website, rather than always having to strive for customer attention through constant promotional activity.

Fly By Media essentially helps you with 3 branches of content marketing, namely film, photo, and text. Read more below about the types of services we offer to help you become one of the best in your content marketing industry in 2020:

Videos help you create a unique image online

Text still dominates the web, but videos have really stepped up their significance over the years. Also, these stand out and make users stop, whether on social media, on blogs or on your own websites.

For example, a direct commercial can be replaced here with an informative video showing how your product is used. If you sell car products, you can, for example, illustrate how the car should be polished using your products.

Fly By Media offers both traditional and forward-looking technology in film. In this way, you can create a video that attracts attention while leading the prospect into the sales funnel.

Photographers who give content that little extra

A really good photograph always gives your content a little extra. We offer photography in Bergen, Brumunddal and Oslo, so you can perform optimally with your content marketing. Just as with videos, an image makes users on social media stop for a moment.

Photos that actually belong to your business often make your content more personal. After all, most people choose free stock images online that “everyone” uses. Customers are quick to understand exactly this practice, and Fly By Media’s professional photographers in Oslo, Brumunddal and Bergen help you put the finishing touches on your photos.

Let’s create a blog with WordPress for you

There are a few things that turn a good blog into content marketing. With good text content and design, this can in many cases be a greater basis for visits than the products. Consumers often seek information from Google over commercial products.

For example, a consumer might search for “how do I polish my car”. If your business ranks at the top of Google’s search results, due to a good guide on the blog, you attract very attractive traffic. This can again lead the customers to the product site with internal linking.

Fly By Media helps you create a blog with WordPress. Through a professional copywriter, we also deliver texts that play along with Google’s algorithms and at the same time convert your customers into hot leads.


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Get started with content marketing!

Content marketing is no longer just a buzz word, and this discipline will only become even more important. Fly By Media helps you become an industry leader in good content, enabling you to attract potential customers to your business.

In addition to film, photo, and text, we help you with information graphics through our graphic designers, as well as innovative technology such as Augmented Reality. This way you are always one step ahead of your competitors in the battle for customers.

If you want to accelerate content marketing, Fly By Media is a natural alternative to partner with on this journey!

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