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Augmented Reality

AR will revolutionize the way real estate projects can be viewed.

Imagine being able to view your future real estate project in full size before it is built by using augmented reality. Potential buyers and clients will be able to get a close to perfect impression of what the project will look like before it is even built.

We have chosen to work with the framework Holopipe, which is a mobile app available from Google Play (for android) and App Store (for iPhone apps).

You can download the app anywhere you chose whether you are at home, at the real-estate agents or walking past a construction site for a future project.

Holopipe is developed by our partners at Pointmedia AS.

The app can be customized to meet the clients wishes and have added functions so that the possibilities are endless. The most exciting option has to be the GPS locking function, which makes it possible to pinpoint and view several building projects before the first brick has even been laid.

The platform accepts almost all 3D models and can be used with HoloLens (AR headset). The Holopipe app that has been released to both App Store and Google Play was launched in December 2018 and had a lot of media coverage in the national news outlets in Norway. An article was also written about the launch in German Der Spiegel.

Holopipe is one of the best AR products on the market as it doesn’t need a flat surface or a ¨tracker¨ to lock its models since it manages to understand and read the surroundings, making it miles ahead of many of Holopipes competitors.

Holopipe also offers cloud technology to easily administer several models whilst using the app.

Fly By Media AS´s role when it comes to cooperating with Holopipe and Pointmedia AS is we take care of the customers and clients from the real estate world. We have been offered this possibility as we have from the beginning been working closely with real estate and developers throughout Norway.

We are however involved in looking at new possibilities of using the app as we can see how many other platforms can benefit from using the Holopipe technology.

The possibilities are in theory endless and can make it possible to visualize houses, boats, furniture and even people as holograms.

We are certain that AR will be the way products will be marketed in the near future.

Feel free to contact us if this sounds like something your company could benefit from.

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