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Many content marketing experts only use a minimal number of social networks. Yet those that do have successfully reached their goals or outperformed most other businesses and their competitors.

There’s just one problem: Only a fraction of people out there realize what they need to be using.

In this article, I’m going to show you the top two, and explain precisely why they have proven to be so useful for content marketing.

1. Social Bookmarking Sites –

These have become so popular in the past year that most people have received an e-mail inviting them to participate. If you post something new after signing up, it’s incredibly likely to have a good chance at the front page of these sites within a matter of minutes.

These sites are extremely easy to use because they’re similar to social network sites. They allow you to post anything you want to share with everyone who “likes” your stuff. You can write whatever word you want, including pictures, videos, links, and so forth. Even better, you get to collaborate and teach fellow posters on how to promote their sites in your image. If things sound too confusing, don’t worry. You’re in good hands.

You can find these sites offline, but these days, many are made available at the touch of a button. Many are online and provides you with an instant learning experience, while others offer forums that more or less allow you to compete with the pros. It’s really up to you.

Here is a list of some social bookmarking sites: 







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2. Social Network Sites –

This is another excellent way to leverage the power of the web. Depending on what you want to do, you can put a professional by your side, and harness the power of every person in the neighbourhood and its web friends.

The power of these sites is enormous. You get dual benefits: (1) you get an instant credibility boost; and (2) you can reach an incredibly targeted community of people who may not have heard of you before but may already know people who do.

Visit Facebook or any other major social network, and there will be something on it that is of interest to you. Regularly “like” those sites, and you’ll find new pieces of information that will help you in your business.

The key to building social credibility is to consistently focus on delivering value and eagerness to serve others, to be transparent and easy to connect with, and to form bonds with people. If you do, you’ll develop real credibility.

Online Webinars 

Video conferencing in 2010 was one of the hotbeds of marketing. Now with the popularity of YouTube and other video sharing sites, webinars have become the latest trend.

Every month, there are programmers developing webinars to replace conferences, conferences were once a powerful way to do business. Webinars offer you their full view as you watch it live. You can complete an entire presentation that reads just the way you want it. 

Benefits: instant presentation: You, as the presenter, can share your entire presentation in just a few minutes. You can access it from anywhere you are, by accessing your webinar with an Internet connection. You can record it, and you can re-use the content whenever you wish.

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Online Forums

Online Forums is a groundbreaking new way to network. This is where business owners and entrepreneurs find the movers and shakers of their industry. Now you have instant online business relationships with a community of 24 million members. Within forums, you can find and network with talents in every aspect of your business.

Online business forums are excellent opportunities that can bring you more business leads from people; you can have the option of connecting with them via e-mail or many other ways.

Benefits: Branding opportunities: You get the chance to publicly join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and make more money by joining the forums. Articles within forums contain links to different businesses. These kinds of links can generate an enormous amount of traffic to your website.

The webinars available on social networks, provide you with a tool that you can use to the fullest by giving you access to a ” classroom” where you can dramatically improve your business with the hands-on experience of other participants.

You can view videos, participate or become a teacher.

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